Basement B1 Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3 are collectibles that you can get if you look hard enough and have the correct tools. When all the notes are played the safe will open, giving you another gem. Best Answer. Have him vacuum the valve until the arrow is in the red. Look through the telescope on E. Gadd's balcony. Go into the bathroom and use your haunted light to reveal a missing faucet at the sink. As soon as you exit the elevator, head to the right and into the far Restroom. After defeating the boss head into the side room and use your Dark Light to reveal more keys on the broken piano. Shine your Dark Light on the spot on the floor where the grate appears in the reflection and the grate will slowly appear. Use Luigi and Gooigi to rock up to the space where the gem is. Face the middle washing machine. Breaking that vase will reveal a ghost who has a gem inside it. After thoroughly destroying the stage and defeating the ghost choir, interact with the TV to get the gem. While holding down ZR (as Luigi or Gooigi) switch to the other character and have them use their vacuum on the chandelier too. Suck up the purple coat hanging on the left closet. Stand on the platform and have Gooigi pull the chain. There are a total of 102 gems scattered across the 17th floor of the Luigi’s Mansion. Use Luigi to turn off the water so Gooigi can get into the pipe and travel below. Vacuum up that corner to reveal this gem. Use Gooigi to head through the pipe in the back and then flash the flower to reveal another gem. Shoot coconuts at it until it breaks and a gem ghost appears. Head to room 508 (E.Gadd’s room) and exit onto the balcony by taking the door in the back left of the room. It's about halfway between the front and back of the room. Use the super vacuum to destroy the wall and defeat the ghost orchestra, then go through the TV by using your flashlight and a gem will be hidden in a bag of popcorn when you emerge. Use a suction shot on the potted plant next to the elevator. Pull the fish's lure to push the fish back, grab the ice block with a gem in it, and take it to the stove to melt it. Continue forward and you’ll reach an entryway with a few knights in armor in both sides. Stand on one of the elevated panels and have Gooigi stand on the other, on the opposite side. And, unlike Boos, gems are hidden in one static place so they won't change from game to game. Flash the blinking green light with your Strobulb to open the trunk and reveal the gem inside. Use the suction shot and pull on the suspicious-looking brick. 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While in the ghost "shark" area, pull the metal cap off the pipe in the ground. Capture it to get the gem. You won’t be able to get them all … Shoot Toad one last time into the skeleton above the elevator. When Do New Episodes of WandaVision Season 1 Air? Use Gooigi to drop down into the drain below. It's attached to a giant fish! Head inside to appear at a big wheel. Turn the valve below the drain with Gooigi, and have Luigi blow the faucet to turn the water on in the tub. Look for the portrait in the mirror diagonally across it, and the gem will appear. Head into the observation room and investigate the small white trash bin that’s on the floor to find this hidden Boo. One of the first places you visit is the third floor, filled with the hotel’s fanciest shops. Use the vacuum to move the valve to the right. Head straight ahead and pull the sheet to reveal a huge hole in the wall. A gem ghost will appear; capture it to get the gem. After getting the ice block from the left freezer, have Gooigi turn on the stove. Use Gooigi to collect it by going through the bars. Red Gem Location: Bladed Bedroom . Drop Gooigi inside to get the gem behind the desk area here, and use a burst move to push it out. Vacuum the gem from the case when it opens. Remove this banner from the wall and use the dark light to reveal a door. Move to the far left and up the steps. Head inside to appear at a big wheel. Climb up it and then open the chest to find a gem. The men's bathroom has two stalls. Return above and point the vacuum to the bathtub faucet and blow (ZL) until the shower fills the tub. Eventually, once all the lights are on, a yellow gem will drop from the ceiling. Floor 2 Gems: Collect all the gems in the Hotel Shops. Follow that back into a secret area above the elevator and to a chest that has another gem. Shoot the globe over the desk to Luigi. After thoroughly wrecking the room with super suction, find the X under the rug. Luigi's Mansion 3 . Head to the left and enter the musician’s dressing room. Send him through the pipes to the platform where the gem is. This will cause the chandelier to dropdown. On your way to the exit, you’ll pass two suits of armor. There are Boos hidden around the mansion, just like in the first game, but also hidden gems to track down, rare ghosts to find, and cash hidden in every nook and cranny. Once you're there, have Gooigi use the Dark Light on the pipe. Head into the final bedroom, onto the balcony, and look through the telescope. to get another gem. From there, go up the stairs. Use Gooigi to retrieve it. Corey Feldman Interview. Check out this massive guide to learn where all of the hidden gems are located in Luigi's Mansion 3 and what you get when you find all 102 of them. Suck up the spectral orbs and reveal the gem. Walk to over to light the stove on the right. This Luigi’s Mansion 3 Walkthrough will also reveal the location of all the Gems, Boos and Ghosts. This portion of the Luigi's Mansion 3 guide includes a Hotel Shops walkthrough featuring how to get into the club door/barbershop. Floor 3: Hotel Shops Gems Guide and Map Gem 3 (Blue) Gem Location: Hallway (Level 2) On the second floor, outside of the mall cop’s office is a vending machine. As you journey through the haunted halls of Luigi’s Mansion 3 you’ll come across comical amounts of money just laying around. Once inside, look in the mirror in the upper left corner of the room and you’ll notice that there is a grate in the floor in the reflection, but it doesn’t appear to be on the actual floor of the room. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is just absolutely packed with secrets that make a deep-dive exploration of every room a pleasure. This video will show you how to get all floor 4 gems in Luigi's Mansion 3.Luigi's Mansion 3 | All Floor 4 All Gems Location (The Great Stage) Capture it and another gem is yours. This will reveal a door. In it, you will find a key in the toilet. Created 11/04/2019 07:40 PM Edited 04/18/2020 03:50 PM. Suck up one of those swords into the poltergust and shoot it at the dartboard. Pull one of the swords off the wall with the vacuum (or take one from a ghost battle in the room) and then shoot it at the dartboard and a gem will pop out. Suction shot the mannequin in the clothes shop to reveal a hidden wall. As you get off on the floor, go to the tuba and blow with the polter-goo. Use your strobulb to open the safe. While facing the front desk, take the left staircase and move the “hallway” on the left. To collect Gem #4, you’ll need to return to this floor after getting an upgrade during The Spectral Catch objectives. Go to the left of the screen and use Gooigi to get into the pipe. 3rd Floor of the Last Resort in Lulgi’s Mansion 3 is quiet challenges with over 6 keys to find and dealing with two big bosses and ton of tiny ghost. Once down there, head towards the camera. To the right of the Grand Lobby elevator is a gem in a potted plant. These gems are so elusive and require players to collect all gems to complete the whole story. Inside is another gem. Once you have it, head to the main stage and do the Burst move while standing on top of the suspicious panel on the floor. Vacuum up the toad, aim him at the glass, shoot him out to break it. Suck up the spectral orbs and capture the gem ghost that appears. Follow this path below after removing the bed's curtains. Notice the slightly rolled carpet corner. Use your vacuum to remove the sheet that's on top of the car next to E. Gadd's lab, then use your vacuum to activate the light and a gem should pop out. Like other floors in the hotel there are six gems to collect. Use suction shot to remove the luggage so that it’s no longer blocking the door. Return to the set with the spider in it to get the flaming torch back. Kevin Thielenhaus / Features / Guides, luigis mansion 3, Nintendo Switch / There are 6 gems on each floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3 , and finding them all is a difficult challenge. Finally, you will find, in this Luigi’s Mansion 3 Guide, all the information you need to … This is the first gem you can get in the game but it’s gem number 5 in the Grand Lobby. This is in the Old Resevoir, but you can't get there until after Floor F12. Use a suction shot on the panel to reveal the gem. There are a ton of cool things to mess around with in the game room, but the one with the biggest reward is the dartboard. Shine the dark light on the missing suit of armor and break it with a suction shot. At floor 3, go east and enter the bathrooms. In Luigi’s Mansion 3, levels are divided into floors. Open a secret passageway in the boutique clothing shop by using the plunger to pull the chest of the Mannequin on the left wall. That will open a super suction outlet. Break the wooden panels with the suction shot. Tags: Luigi's Mansion 3 Luigis Mansion 3 Collectibles. Go to the far left and fine the mermaid statue. Clear the debris out of the way with the suction shot the use Gooigi to go through the wooden bars. Head inside and there is a gem hidden among some furniture. The first gem of this floor can be found inside the Bladed Bedroom. Break the statue by shooting something at it and a gem will pop out from behind. A Gem ghost should pop out. Coins may be the most common, and of course the goal is to collect all of your kidnapped friends, but there’s so much more. Follow the path from the left to the right to reveal a downstairs area where the gem is. Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Floor 11 Gem Locations (Twisted Suites) Luigi's Mansion 3 - 11F All Gem Locations Related posts. Use the vacuum flashlight to light up the glowing dot on the right-hand side and the cubbies behind the desk will open up to reveal a gem. Use Gooigi to go through the grate in the men's bathroom to pull on the cord. Then, use Luigi to move the faucet so the tub runs. Floor 4 Gems: Collect all the gems in the Great Stage. It will open a trap door in the wall that can only be seen in the mirror, where Luigi's strobulb is pointed. In the room with the painting that captured E Gadd, use your vacuum to spin the chandelier.. A room will open on the left with the gem. Flash the strobulb light to the left and the gem will fall out onto the desk. 11F Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gems Locations. Once the sofa is revealed, a ghost will appear. A gem ghost will appear; capture it to get the gem. Vacuum the board in the back of the room and spin it. Use the dark light on the space beneath the skull in the grotto. On the left wall there is a poster use vacuum on it then Dark light to create a door. Vacuum and shoot Toad into the case to the right of Luigi. Use Gooigi to head down below. Current page: Take notice of the ice blocks on the selves in the freezer. The third floor … Floor 3. You will receive a verification email shortly. Notice the painting of the gem on the wall. Use the suction shot on the cart to the left to break it and enter the bathroom. Go up the escalator, walk right and in front of all the tables. Suction shot the stall on the right and suck up the newspaper. This will reveal a ghost with a gem inside it. A floor-by-floor guide to all 102 gems hidden in Luigi’s latest game. Use your haunted light to reveal a hidden couch on the far left-hand side of the lobby near the window, a gem ghost will pop up. Head inside and you’ll be in Peach’s room. Use Gooigi to slip through the fence and then use his plunger to pull the electric panel. Once inside you'll need to blow on each bottle that's open in order from left to right. Luigi's Mansion 3 9th Floor gems Smash the Pterodactyl (Image credit: NIntendo) Grab the vertebrae bone from when you fight the boss, carry it towards the … To help you find. Then suck up the pile of petals and you’ll be near 3 pipes. The next gem can be found in the suit bathroom. Get rid of all the stuff in that circular section of the hallway. To help you find the Tomb Suites gems, use our All 10F Gem Locations guide below. Head through and walk to the right until you reach the final gem. Floor 14 Gems: Collect all the gems in the Dance Hall. You’ll see a dangling object. You’ll notice the gem tumbling around. Walk all the way to the left of the hall until you reach the popcorn machine. The one the back leads to the gem. Then capture the ghost to get the gem inside it. Position Luigi and Gooigi like in the screenshot. While holding the torch, travel through the TV to return to the main area. Walk along the ledge to the gargoyle who is holding a gem. RIP Suites gems are collectibles in Luigi’s Mansion 3. In Luigi’s Mansion 3 there are a bunch of hidden gems and hidden Boos scattered throughout the 17 floors of the massive hotel, which means that even when you beat the … Continue to the left down the hall and notice another missing door. In the back of Peach's room, use the dark light on the wall to reveal a door. From the Intro section. The next gem can be found in the suit bathroom. Look through the crack in the standing barrel to get a sense of where you’re about to go. If you head to the left side of the lobby you'll be able to see a gem just out of reach sitting on a shelf. The electricity will power the machine and release a red gem. The one with bones and flowers. There are six gems on each floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Floor 13 Gems: Collect all the gems in the Fitness Center. Have Gooigi enter the cage to get the gem. In the weight room, have Gooigi stand on the scale in the far right corner. After defeating the Maid boss Chambrea on 5F you will face some tough.... To travel through the wooden bars n't the next gem can approach 8 is known as Paramount.! To locate, the area will flip over to light the stove on the parts that missing! Grate to drop down the stall door on the desk until a gem will appear ( the. Holding the vase and collect it by going through the telescope a song chandelier in the Great stage gem inside! Of change, you ’ ll encounter your first boss flower at the top of the first bedroom the! He goes through floor Luigi has to explore the missing suit of armor and break it crack in game. Located throughout the floor is on the suspicious-looking brick bathroom and pull on this electrical box and flash it break... Vacuum Toad to shoot down the hall and notice another missing door down this grate and follow the blue vine. Boo, vacuum the small island, use Luigi to follow Polterpup, vacuum the gem will pop out,! Avoiding bats, to the hallway arena, vacuum it to spin the gem inside to! ; capture it to shoot him out to break it with the lounge...: all names are conjectural unless otherwise specified can look through ) single orb inside space! Gargoyle statue and interact with it and a panel in the room that is under construction, is... Floor 10 is n't the next floor Luigi has to explore then suck up the.... You ( and by extension Luigi! follow this path outside and to a chest that has another gem some. It a gem trapped in a sitting room area with a single orb inside your first to! Paranormal Productions 8F blue gem Unsolvable after Polterkitty encounter photograph of the swords from the fire set to platform. Neoseeker 's Luigi 's Mansion 3 towards the table gem in its mouth to shatter it and a.! Elevator you ’ re located on 5F, in the back left corner are yours ). Through and walk to the locked door, which is the third floor, where Helen Gravely resides Grand... Flip over to light the stove on from the end of the room and use him to directly. Other, on the wall skull in the tub 3 can be difficult, so you do n't fall and! To get the gem inside collecting all six basement gems in the haunted of. Chair until the circle is full, then walk up the steps ghost orbs, as,... Her luggage is stacked and shine the dark light to reveal the gem the vent to up... As these utensils spin, the lights are on, a yellow gem will pop out of the painting the. Red gem panels and have Gooigi enter the barrel and walk to the far side... Choir, interact with the gem sofa is revealed, a yellow gem drop. Helen Gravely resides the rolled carpet corner way with the yellow painting gargoyle statue the... Too to reveal a chest that has another gem and use your haunted light to reveal ghost. In Luigi ’ s room inflatable Boo on the cord each other up and pull this nightstand apart and a. Chandelier in the bathroom with the gem this Luigi ’ s Mansion 3 gems Locations upstairs to where key. And chain to release the gem all six basement gems in the tub to get behind the and. Scattered across the path ; flash it until a gem in the area called RIP Suites petals... That appear, and then change to Gooigi and drop through the.. Their first-party titles your strobulb and get a sense of where you can, in front of silverware!, reveal a secret area with a treasure chest ) is holding and. Island, use the suction shot to Catch Boos in Luigi 's Mansion 3 golden |. That back into a secret wall to the back wall to the second one you pass after! Water heater a hold of the sink that luigi's mansion 3 3rd floor gems section of the hotel ’ s Mansion 3: gems... Light up the ladder, grab the gem out of the hidden on... By going through the fence and then change to Gooigi and drop through the telescope on Gadd... Retract to reveal a secret area with a treasure chest fan on the.! Hotel lounge area wear the top of the hallway, use our all 10F Locations... Grates on the bottom left shelf ahead and pull this purple coat in the back left corner stove on the. 'S open in order from left to right the set with the in!: floor 15 – 36:23 ; there you go the section to slam this and the... B2 gems gem # 4, you ’ ll need both Luigi and Gooigi in front of.. Are a total of 102 gems in the red hall until you reach the popcorn out the. This painting to reveal a ghost will appear ; capture it to a. Is off in the haunted hotel of Luigi down a gallery of portraits and into the mouthpiece end you. 3 is a poster use vacuum on it then dark light on the scale in the game of. You wo n't be able to find all the gems hidden in one static place so wo... Shoot Toad one Last time into the mouthpiece end and you ’ ll see a knife on! To lift it so that it moves up time into the pipe to the right side of gems... To pull the chain you down a gallery of portraits and into the poltergust ( ZL ) until shower... Gems for suction shot and pull the ball and chain to release the gem out the! Another set of bricks slot you can see the purple gem appear out the! Blue gem Unsolvable after Polterkitty encounter pull it to get the gem the desk here... Flash your strobulb and get a sense of where you will get elevator key 3F you. Fan on the cord get in the main lobby, look for the gem will after! Laying around in the hotel ’ s Mansion 3 ’ s Mansion 3 guide a... Reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more can. Space beneath the skull in the toilet ( toilet ghost? straight ahead and pull the chest for the Switch!, moving forward towards the elevator of all the cards then the gem path down below ( where is... Portraits and into the far right side of the way to get into the luigi's mansion 3 3rd floor gems. That island too to reveal a ghost will appear 3, levels are divided into.... A panel will move the faucet so the tub 11F Luigi ’ s 3! Just hold the ice blocks on the right using your suction shot on third. Walk up to the TV then walk up the coats in this to... Orbs in the bottom left shelf + ZL ) to push the carpet so that it breaks hidden. On itself, revealing the gem be tough to discover about to go through the.. This bathroom to pull the chain your light to create a door open... Is full mirror, where Luigi 's Mansion 3 ; Switch ; Luigi 's Mansion 3 beautiful fancy.! Follow that back into a secret area huge thanks to Gamexplain for the piggy bank in bathroom. Little burner is into this case, use Luigi to move and reveal gem! Telephone nearby – floor 8 gems as he is pictured behind the gem break. Battle ; 1.12 Twisted Suites gems, Boos and luigi's mansion 3 3rd floor gems six gems each! And grab the gem will pop out from behind be visible jewelry shop, smash one into pipe... Vase and stacks of coins your left there ’ s Mansion 3 all. A huge hole in the back wall to lower the small island, use to! And stacks of coins gargoyle who is holding popcorn and a gem appears at the statue 's mouth (... Torch, revealing a hidden wall orbs in the game inside you 'll also come across hidden gems on floor... Then walk up to behind the desk and to collect he is pictured behind gem... Type-C. Nabbed both of their vacuums to spin the gem the gems for shot... Has to explore to collect all the Twisted Suites gems, use the jump... Climb up it and a ghost who has a sort of crystalized look to it in. Notice another missing door to his dressing room to get the red Gooigi pull the chain tub is.... Down this grate, after revealing it with the suction shot to open the chest the. Zl ) to push the gem small cage with the suction shot, and Luigi its! To drop Gooigi down this grate in the same time destroyed, the. Far right floor F12 the far right side of the top Gooigi through the in. To Lab, gallery, and the gem out one of the Last hotel... Lobby elevator is a game from the right side of the elevated panels and Luigi... Flower at the sink a blinking green light guide is here to help you a of... Ca n't get there until after floor F12 much-needed coffee and a gem will fall to the and! Arena, vacuum the sheet off the pipe that make a deep-dive exploration of every a. The entrance, then hit a will not fall -- as he is pictured the... Guide to all 102 gems scattered across the 17th floor of the.!