Either way, you might have some of the frequently asked questions below. Any free Viking could qualify for a traditional Viking funeral. Hail, sons of Day! Historians haven’t nailed down exactly which Vikings went to which hall, and why, according to the lore. 3. The goddess Freya, for example, was thought to welcome many of the dead into her hall, called Folkvang, or “field of the people.” There was also a special underwater hall for Vikings who died at sea. This link will open in a new window. I honour you. The Anglo-Saxon and Norse Goddess of the Underworld is honored annually on the Day of Hel (July 10th) with prayers, the lighting of black candles, and offerings of rose petals. But we do know some details about the most common halls of the dead. The Vikings had a general perception of the afterlife that was made up of different “halls of the dead.”. Alternatively, you could find or create a traditionally-styled Viking longboat and use it for the funeral only. Most argue this in Snorri's Prose Edda story of Baldr, as Baldr has several "christ-like" features, i.e. Recite passages from pagan poetry, mythology, prayers to gods, etc. Examples of authentic Viking-age songs are rare, but they are known to have been worshipful of the Pagan gods. Adorned with flowers. The Vikings draped their dead in clean clothing and often adorned them with jewels. If you want to use the “standard” younger Futhark: the answer is the letter “úr”, since it stands for the latin letters u/ú/v The first method, cremation is to burn the body at temperatures so hot that flesh and bone would turn to ash, the ash could then be scattered, buried or sailed out to sea. Depending on the person’s level in Viking society, only a few words would be spoken, or speeches might go on for hours. Triple Kindred, Blessed Be, Death in Norse paganism was associated with varying customs and beliefs. I thank you.'' The fylgja is an attendant spirit whose well-being is intimately tied to that of its owner – for example, if the fylgja dies, its owner dies, too. Prayer refers to the words and acts involved in communicating with the gods. Each night, their wounds would heal. I thank you.'' … Ancient Norse funerals for free men and women were highly-ritualistic and, at times, theatrical. 2. The funeral festivities could carry on for days and feature several feasts. The image of a body going up in flames isn’t completely inaccurate to Viking culture. - Requests and questions are welcome and encouraged. Prayers For Deceased Animals . Draping the decedent in hydrangeas for protection. 2. We pray for all people who now live to the east of us. If the person loved the mountains, hold the service on a mountaintop. But boats and vessels were still an essential part of many Viking funeral traditions. The second, inhumation was to bury the body in its current state under the ground, and then either place earth, dirt or stones on top of the body. Norse folklore includes spirits of the dead and undead creatures such as revenants and draugr. Four Directions Prayers as Prayers of the People5 Prayers for the East Holy God, God of many names. In some Norse texts, rebirth or reincarnation comes up as a possibility. “Viking-Age Burials, Beads and Gender Views.”, pages.vassar.edu/realarchaeology/2018/11/11/viking-age-burials-beads-and-gender-views/, Doughty, Caitlin. It was displaced by Christianity during the Christianization of Scandinavia. But check your local laws to see what’s possible: you may be able to send your loved one’s ashes out on the water in a traditional longboat. What you will need for this prayer: Your voice; Chant “Hel, great goddess, daughter of Loki Guard of the spirits of the dead Our friend (insert name) has come to you now As (insert name) kneels before you, Hel know how much (he/she/they) was loved in this life Mother of all things, watch over me tonight, Hold me in your arms, until the morning light. How do you start planning a Viking funeral? A fourth can hold a cup of Water to the West -- if you're fortunate enough to hold your ritual near an ocean or river, use that to represent Water. Attendees stand in reverent silence as a skilled archer sends a flaming arrow to magically set the whole thing alight. A Viking funeral pyre could get hot enough to cremate a body and reduce it to bones and ashes. Gary Penzler * Prayer of Troth Michaela Macha If you have a specific spell or potion you'd like to request, we will hear you out and see what we can do. “Hel, great goddess, daughter of LokiGuard of the spirits of the deadOur friend (insert name) has come to you nowAs (insert name) kneels before you, Helknow how much (he/she/they) was loved in this lifeAnd how many (he/she/they) loved in returnBefore (he/she/they) crossed over (he/she/they) was an honorable soulA soaring spirit, a brave warrior Watch over (him/her/them), Hel as (he/she/they) crosses the bridgeFrom this life to the nextAnd welcome (him/her/them) with honor and glorySo that (he/she/they) may live on foreverIn our hearts and memories.”. For those who need this prayer, we are sorry for your loss. We prefer the term Teutonic just as their European cousin tribe calls itself Celtic. Gardner of the Aesir. If you have prayers or rituals that you would like to donate to this page, please feel free to contact us. I pray when i wake up, and when i go to bed. The name Hel, quite literally means "one that hides" or "one who covers up." There is a book called "a book of pagan prayer" that, while not heathen-specific, has a ton of prayers for different situations - and a guide to constructing one if none of the ones supplied fit. Grave goods ranged from weapons and glass beads to human slaves. ''Osiris! These are the core beliefs behind the rituals they conducted when a warrior fell or a member of the community passed away. In Old Norse the Icelandic word “hver” is written as “hverr” (just in case you want to translate your saying into actual Old Norse, not Modern Icelandic) :-) II. This link will open in a new window. more prayers for healing . Protector and embalmer of the dead, I ask you to please ensure my friend's protection and safety as she progresses. This link will open in a new window. Funeral rites began with preparing the body. You could even commission a boat-like casket for the burial. They had a completely different psychological mindset. But Viking funerals were still intricate and ritualistic affairs. Afterlife-living in Valhalla was ideal for a Norse warrior: wolves guarded its gates, and gleaming shields protected its ceiling. Accept, The goddess Freya, for example, was thought to welcome many of the dead into her hall, called. As briefly mentioned above, it wasn’t uncommon for the Vikings to sacrifice a slave — or two or three — when a respected Viking died. The available information seems to suggest that the ancient Germanic peoples addressed their gods in a variety of ways. There’s also evidence that the Vikings thought family members stayed together, both in the afterlife and in reincarnated lives. Decorate it in true Viking style, fill it with personal items, and place the cremated ashes inside. If they didn’t burn bodies in ships, how did the Vikings conduct their funerals? However, the Vikings lived before the technology of writing existed, so any music that still exists from that time was passed down orally. Scholars reconstruct aspects of North Germanic religion by historical linguistics, … Rather than shun or fear them, may you embrace … When somebody we care about passes, one of … Invoking Gods, guides, and ancestors to ensure safe travel. Jul 2, 2016 - Explore Tony Norris's board "Viking prayers, Words & Phrases", followed by 142 people on Pinterest. You might even be able to light some kindling. If you don’t want to be traditionally buried or cremated, you might envision yourself having a Viking funeral. If you don’t own a private beach or body of water, it’s unlikely your local laws permit the burning of a corpse on public land. If your pet cat has crossed over, you may wish to offer up one of these prayers to honor her on the journey. 4. Death in Norse paganism was associated with varying customs and beliefs.Not only could a Viking funeral be performed a number of ways, the idea of the soul was associated with various notions, as well as of where the dead went in their afterlife, such as Valhalla, Fólkvangr, Hel, and Helgafjell. And i am sure you will needs prayers for different reasons. - white supremacists, nationalists, terfs, swerfs, antifeminists, and all other conservative reactionaries can fuck off and rot. Hail, Sunna and your golden rays! The most common type of burial in Viking culture began with cremation on a pyre. Linked In. The prayer as recounted in the book, Eaters of the Dead in Norwegian: Lo, jeg ser her min far og mor. A Child’s Invocation Odin and Ostara, lead me in the ways of the Gods. However, you can still arrange many aspects of a Viking funeral, including cremation and burial with important mementos. They might be buried alone or with other cremated remains in a group burial mound. A Norse Morning Prayer By: Mike Kaan Hail, Day! In contrast, a young child or mother might undergo cremation and a simple burial in a mound or a family gravesite, without all the bells and whistles. We honour you through the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the east; the spirits of all people of the east who have gone before us, the spirits of those who are yet to come. The sagas tell of drastic precautions being taken after a revenant had appeared. If a great warrior had passed, his fellow Vikings would likely pray and chant to help him find his way to Valhalla. These words of commemoration and well-wish would take place during the ritualistic drinking of the funeral ale. Prayers are said on each bead, while meditating on the mysteries of the Three Kindreds, and the experience of human life. Anointing the decedent's feet with oil to aid in the journey ahead. It’s theatrical and over-the-top, but it also uniquely honors the dead. Some members of Viking society didn’t benefit from these rites, though, and burials could be elaborate or more simple. The Vikings might not have set a longboat to sea and set it on fire as it traveled downstream. On your altar, in the center of the circle, place a picture or some other memento of the person you are saying goodbye to. May I be honest and true That was just what a skald could do. All day, the dead in Valhalla were said to battle each other. Keeper of youth. But by far the most well-known Viking “hall of the dead” is Valhalla. or “The Short Lay of Sigurd” describes how this human sacrifice should take place: Where is it legal to have a Viking funeral? After cremation, the ashes would be placed in an urn or carved box for burial. Goddess of youth and renewal. On the gold Sun Bead say: Blessed (Father, Mother,) come to me, and cast your lovely, golden light. Snorri gets accused by many for "adapting" Norse Lore to fit his own Christian agenda. And if you would prefer to be historically accurate with your Viking funeral, you’ll want to avoid flaming longboats altogether. The Vikings were strictly Pagan, and their funeral ceremonies reflected those beliefs. Each night, their wounds would heal. It’s thought that the Vikings believed the smoke helped carry the deceased to the afterlife. You're gonna have to write it! Unfortunately, that’s not how actual Viking funerals happened. Stay safe while still coming together to support one another and honor your loved one. Chances are, they’ve gotten the question before. “Vikings” or The Norse as a culture did not pray in the same way that we know the current major monotheistics do. a prayer to help with overwhelming fear, together with a film meditation on God's peace. Hel, also known as Hella, Holle or Hulda, was the Norse and Teutonic Goddess, Queen and Ruler of the Underworld, which was known as Niflheim, or Helheim, the Kingdom of the Dead. A supposed sighting of the deceased as one of these creatures was frightful and ominous, usually interpreted as a sign that additional family members would die.

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