They would play a schedule of 2 games (home and away) against every team … Mesut Özil watches Arsenal play Southampton in July. The excess is already so grotesque that players of Mesut Özil’s calibre are unable to get a game and Ferran Soriano is demanding B teams be admitted to the pyramid just so he has somewhere to park City’s reserves. There could also be another change to come in the international football calendar. How far are the teams willing to go? Todos los derechos reservados. In the case of Spain, the COVID-19 crisis highlighted and worsened the problematic distribution of finances. MANCHESTER UNITED - The drama of Manchester United comes to a bigger stage and can or if the Red Devils will survive in a league with so much talent should be fascinating to watch. Arsenal are candidates to join the latest iteration of a “super league” plan that would include the top teams from across the continental leagues, according to Sky Sports.To fund the European Super League, per Sky, a $6 billion package is being assembled by investors / financiers to create the 18-team competition and entice clubs to join. Will the European Super League really be introduced? "The principles of solidarity, of … And if the result is spectacular football, enjoy it, content that the team that represents us exists (if it survives the pandemic) in a fairer competition in which Tuesday’s match at Rochdale is meaningful even if it isn’t likely to be very good. In order to create the Super League I selected the teams using the following criteria, referencing this Wiki page - Super League All previous Champions League winners - 19 (21-2) Ajax Aston Villa Barcelona Bayern Munich Benfica Borussia Dortmund Celtic Chelsea Feyenoord Hamburg Internazionale Juventus Liverpool Manchester United Marseille Milan Nottingham Forest Porto PSV Eindhoven… The European Super League continues to loom because it makes more sense. is the official site of UEFA, the Union of European Football Associations, and the governing body of football in Europe. No reigning champions had let in seven since 1953. This season he has been left out of their 25-man Premier League squad. There has been a talk about a European Super League, a tournament which would consist of the wealthiest football clubs in Europe, since the early 1990s, but the proposal to do so could never really establish itself as a fully-fledged, concrete league.. The document also has a list of potential ownership stakes by the individual clubs in the joint European Super League company, with Real Madrid holding 18.77%, Barcelona 17.61% and … 2. European Super League została podzielona na dwie dywizje: TopLiga - Dywizja Zachodnia oraz Eastern European Superleague - Dywizja Wschodnia. Take, for instance, cricket’s Indian Premier League. Do Europe's top clubs want to form one? German news magazine Der Spiegel claims it has proof that seven of Europe's biggest clubs held secret talks about forming a new breakaway competition. Without a 100 percent defined format, the idea is to fill the gap left by the Champions League, a competition that UEFA are already planning to give a facelift to in 2024. A European Super League. Something has to change. ARSENAL FC - The Gunners … Leaders of the elite clubs believe that the Champions League's format has past its best by date, and that 15 games isn't enough. THE 20 CHOSEN TEAMS 1. "The UEFA President has made it clear on many occasions that UEFA strongly opposes a Super League," a spokesperson said. Revealed: Greg Clarke's real role in controversial Project Big Picture talks, European Premier League: talks held over lucrative breakaway competition, Sign up to The Recap, our weekly email of editors’ picks. The Super League is something that so many of Europe's top teams have been thinking about for a long time, and it's far more advanced that a lot of people believe. Do the chaotic results –. The IPL is an unquestionably brilliant competition, the very best taking on the very best, the extraordinary level of competition driving innovation and excellence. A high percentage of games are tense and hard-fought; the nearest European football comes is the latter stages of the Champions League. The idea has gathered more momentum over the […] The Super League is something that so many of Europe's top teams have been thinking about for a long time, and it's far more advanced that a lot of people believe. Doomed to go nowhere. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are the Spanish sides set to be involved. Which presumably is how a lot of global fans consume the Premier League or Champions League. The Super League could leave the current Champions League behind, and although the funds would be distributed between fewer teams, this amount of … Pep will surely have his team ready to go for the Inaugural season. If, as seems likely, the restructuring of Champions League increases the income of the super-clubs and so gives them even more of an advantage, it will tilt an already uneven playing field even further. I have little clear day-to-day sense of how the IPL table stands, I have no clear idea why Chennai Super Kings against Royal Challengers Bangalore is considered a big rivalry, I couldn’t rattle off a list of past winners and I certainly have no meaningful thoughts on the impact of the IPL on the Ranji Trophy, India’s traditional domestic first-class competition. BBC Sport explores the issue of a potential European Super League. However, before this dominance even began, the conversation of a ‘European Super League’ had started over two decades earlier in 1999. HERE we go again. The European Super League is already something on everyone's lips. Maybe it is, reluctantly, just to let the greedy go, let them take the risk (and it is a risk: with four of eight IPL franchises qualifying for play-offs, most games matter in a way that 12th v 14th in an 18-team league with restricted relegation, the most recent European super league proposal, wouldn’t be). The plan died after UEFA moved to expand the Champions League competition and abolish the Cup Winners' Cup in order to better accommodate clubs that were considering defecting in order to join the proposed Super League. A lot of clubs also feel that the distribution of television rights in a number of countries is unfair, so there's a desire to join another competition that can see things spread in a way they're happier with. 2020 Most of the big clubs are in favour of the top leagues shrinking in size in order to reduce the number of games they'd have to play. If the insatiable elite want to follow the IPL’s example, then let them if it helps counter football’s growing predictability, Last modified on Sun 25 Oct 2020 08.03 GMT. They don't have much of a say, as the competition isn't under their jurisdiction. Or should at the very least make us consider the question of what we want sport to be. Bayern have won the last eight Bundesliga titles; PSG seven of the last eight in Ligue 1. onsider the start of this season. Clubs aren't willing to give UEFA too much room to manoeuvre though, and they're adamant that change is necessary. Europe’s richest clubs want a super league: perhaps it’s best to let the greedy go. - Modified the promotion/relegation system in order to give teams the chance to establish themselves in their divisions. Let us for a moment do that. The idea of a ‘European Super League’ has been talked about for decades, ever since the formation of the Premier League and re-branding of the European Cup, and has been the pipe dream of youths editing the Football Manager database, ‘what if’ conspiracy theorists and dystopian-article writers. They’re all good teams, but perhaps not European Super League level. Even played without crowds in the United Arab Emirates, as it is this season, there is a palpable glamour to it. So what is the solution? July 05,2019-Bruce Williams; European Super League. While that plays out in the foreground, in the background, plotting goes on by the super-clubs to earn themselves an even greater share of the game’s revenues than they already enjoy. For Juventus, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and Real Madrid to keep gobbling up domestic titles is joy-sappingly pointless. The turbulence in the Premier League is unlikely to last and the rich seem insatiable. Even they seem bored of it. European Athletics Team Championships Super League press conference highlights 09 August 2019 10:41 . The traditionalist approach isn't what drives revenue to these teams. For this Super League to work, the Super League teams would not be required to play in their countries leagues. According to documents released by Der Spiegel, 11 elite European teams could break off and form their own separate 'Super League' by 2021. Do the chaotic results – Manchester City letting in five, Manchester United letting in six, Liverpool letting in seven, Everton and Aston Villa top of the table, Chelsea making 3-3 their default result – engender a thrill of excitement at the unpredictability of it all? A European Super League remains the ambition of a number of Europe’s leading clubs, especially those who dominate their national leagues and need more competitive football to keep revenues growing. Todos los derechos reservados. Their positions are clear. © Diciembre Could it ever become a reality? Clubs that have the biggest attendances are the most hit, leading to those upstairs trying to find ways to keep money flowing. If I’m near a television set at 3pm, it goes on. What the IPL has that football – in Italy, Germany, France and Spain and, increasingly, England – lacks is a sense of competition. Could it ever become a reality? But I watch it in a different way to how I watch football. The European Super League begins to take shape, Florentino Perez: The reshaping of football mustn't wait and Real Madrid will form part of it. After last weekend, the Premier League was averaging 3.58 goals per game. BBC Sport explores the issue of a potential European Super League. And that should concern everybody, especially while the Premier League is demonstrating how much fun it can be when the hegemony of the elite is, at least temporarily, not guaranteed. Leon Goretzka and Marco Verratti fight for the ball in the Champions League final. The likely compromise, keeping the elite within the main competition but making them even richer, even more powerful, seems the worst of all worlds. It may be thin on detail, it may recycle old ideas, it may be a fairly transparent negotiating tactic in discussions over the revamp of the Champions League in 2024-25, but it still represents the greed that dominates the thinking of the super-clubs. The European Super League is said to be coming closer to a reality and details of the discussions between elite clubs on the continent have been outlined by Spanish outlet Diario AS.. What is the Super League? In that sense, although the IPL is an overtly commercial entity, my appreciation of the actual sport is purer than in football, where my perceptions and reactions are conditioned by a lifetime of accumulated biases, about the clubs, the players, the managers and the towns or cities they represent. They added that the European Premier League was likely to feature either 16 or 18 teams - meaning a likely minimum of 30 matches for each club, based on … How many teams will take part? Is there a competition format? Those pulling the strings believe that it will be launched in 2022. The idea is to listen to UEFA, but to put the clubs' demands first. 3. 12: France – Paris Saint-Germain The glamour of France’s capital and the wealth of Paris Saint-Germain’s Qatari owners make Les Rouge et Bleu an obvious candidate, despite only winning one continental trophy … Josep Maria Bartomeu used his resignation from Barcelona to announce that is was on its way, but Florentino Perez has since brought it back into people's minds. There is never the equivalent of, say, Manchester City playing Watford where the only real question was how big the margin of victory would be. Unidad Editorial Información Deportiva, S.L.U. Where do UEFA and FIFA stand? As football has moved from the former towards the latter, an obvious problem has occurred. Gianni Infantino became Fifa president in 2016. There has been a lot of talk of money, but those behind the project are confident that the prize fund for the winners will be much more than the 120 million euros that winning the Champions League delivers. European Super League to consist of 16-18 teams with NBA-style 'Final Eight' Florentino Perez has since brought it back into people's minds. Any of the eight franchises can win it (although Kings XI still haven’t). After Project Big Picture – essentially an attempt by the wealthiest to enrich themselves by promising short-term benefits to the smaller league clubs; a strategy that has become familiar beyond football over the past five years – has come the latest rumbling about a European Premier League. Because I used to live in Dharamsala, I notionally favour Kings XI Punjab – and I probably have over the years been more appreciative of Piyush Chawla and Manan Vohra as a result – but fundamentally I’m just gawping at astonishing cricket. Clubs intend to go ahead with their domestic leagues, rather than going to war with them, but they understand that the Super League will become the priority, leading to them boasting larger squads. Consider the start of this season. They are of the belief that a 30 game season could be reached with 16 teams forming the Super League, but the know that a closed league isn't the most convenient, meaning the format is still under development and alternative options are still being considered with the hopes of attracting the widest possible market to tap into. The idea of a European Super League starting in 2021 may seem dead, but it's just stunned. - Reduced the number of teams in each division starting from Europe Super League to Europe League 6. from 26 to 24. As MARCA have learned, though, the idea has been well received. Since the second world war there have been only two seasons that have finished with a higher average than that, and none since 1960-61. There's an understanding that there's a need to change, and to evolve. It is important to remember that FIFA have their new Club World Cup launching in 2021, but it has been suspended temporarily due to COVID-19. No team from outside the so-called Big Six had been top of the league with five matches played since Portsmouth in 2006. And would fans be in favour of it happening? Another plan for a European Super League. The president of the 232-team ECA, Andrea Agnelli, has … Top European clubs have held secret talks to create a European Super League, according to a report by German publication Der Spiegel. The answer to that, perhaps, is not so obvious as it may at first seem to those of us raised on provincial English terraces. The report also mentions a second league of teams that could play the guest teams in order to win promotion to the Super League. This is not in any sense a normal season. ... That league put ten teams … As it stands, FIFA accept and support the idea of a Super League. Unidad Editorial Información Deportiva, S.L.U. Except, perhaps, this time it REALLY is serious. In a world where the profit motive shapes everything, from healthcare to education to the law, it is perhaps unreasonable to expect anybody to consider what might be best for football itself. Same as all the other ones. - Reduced the number of teams in Super League 7. from 50 to 48. teams still play each other once. But as Pep Guardiola has noted, that sense of being represented is key. Only one or two teams seem to ever be competing for the top prize and the leagues are becoming extremely predictable as a result. MANCHESTER CITY - The champions of England head the Super League. A bid to create a new European Premier League has been backed by Manchester United and Liverpool in a move that could change football forever.. There would appear to be a spectrum: spread the talent relatively evenly across as wide a range of clubs as possible or concentrate it at a handful to allow the sport to reach the highest possible level. Or did you see the two Manchester clubs in the bottom half of the table after last weekend, and Tottenham and Chelsea seventh and eighth, and worry that this might damage revenue streams for teams favoured by the global audience? A new European Super League for the continent's biggest teams has been the subject of regular rumours but what format it might adopt remains up for debate What do you see? Do Europe's top clubs want to form one? Check out all the 2020/21 UEFA Europa League group stage results. What do you see? But, a recent report by German newspaper Der Spiegel claims that this could soon be a reality. It is planned that either 16 or 18 teams will participate in the competition, which plans to get underway in 2022 and will be funded by JP Morgan bank. The super league is … In 1998, Italian company Media Partners seriously investigated the idea. System rozgrywek. Super League (currently known as the Betfred Super League for sponsorship reasons) is the top-level professional rugby league club competition in the Northern Hemisphere.The league currently has twelve teams: eleven from England and one from France with clubs from Championship applying for a spot in Super League XXVI to replace the now folded Toronto Wolfpack. Assuming the Premier League remains a 20 team competition, the English representatives in the European Super League would play a minimum of … Now, there are a lot of questions surrounding the competition. Following documents collected by Der Spiegel, plans for top European clubs to form a breakaway league of their own starting from 2021 have been exposed – with the reality of an elite European 'Super League' becoming more possible.

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