32nd Friday of 2020. on the 32nd week of 2020 (using ISO standard week number calculation). Eid al-Adha Holiday – Saudi Arabia. Popular Saints. The Strange, Mysterious Story of the Balloon Expedition to the North Pole August 5, 1930; A Pill to Cure All Ills August 6, 1859; Why Mata Hari Was Not the Spy You Thought She Was August 7, 1876; Did a Snake Kill Cleopatra? Battle of Boyaca Day ( Batalla de Boyacá) - Colombia. Privacy & Terms. 7 August 2020 was ... 220th day of the year. The day of the week is Friday. Air Force Day. By Sam Alderson. Traditionally it was the day in which harvested wheat would be baked into bread and given to the church. International Beer Day – First Friday in August; National Water Balloon Day – First Friday in August; August 7. Here is the list of special days in August and National days in the United States and the World. 1999 : The Chechnya-based Islamic International Brigade invades neighboring Dagestan. What happened in history on August 7th? On This Day In History - August 7: anniversaries, birthdays, major events, and time capsules. Single Working Women's Week - August 2-8, 2020 (The Full Week containing August 4, which is Single Working Women's Day) World Breastfeeding Week - August 1-7 (First Full Week of August) 2020 Monthly Holidays that include August 6, are: Table of Contents hide. Be open about your happiness and spread joy wherever you go. 1 Special Days in AUGUST. About. August Special Days The Spruce / Margot Cavin In August, the weather can still be pretty warm, but the vacation season is winding down as kids prepare for school to begin again. Lammas also marked the mid-point between the summer solstice and autumn equinox, and was a cross-quarter day. August 5 is a Civic Holiday in parts of Canada. This offbeat holiday honors the art of singing rounds, so find … Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always observed on August 7 National Lighthouse Day honors and commemorates a beacon of light that symbolizes safety and security for boats at sea. Kid Inventors’ Day. Under the Julian calendar, this day … The present-day Assyrians inhabit parts of Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria, and also have a large diaspora across the world. August 7 is the 220 th day of the year 2020 in the Gregorian calendar. August in History. Find out what's going on in... January 2021. © Time and Date AS 1995–2020. 1990 US deploys troops to Saudi Arabia beginning Operation Desert Shield. Read more blog posts. Eid al-Adha Holiday – Oman. Previous day. Aug7Fun Holidays on August 7. This day's facts in the arts, politics, and sciences. British Columbia Day Monday, August 7, 2017 British Columbia, Canada. It is a global campaign that is celebrated every year during … Read more. The prayers and collective efforts of the global Adventist family can have a tremendous impact for good. National Oatmeal Month National Hot Tea Month National Soup Month National Soup Swap Month Bread Machine Baking Month National Wheat Bread Month January 1 – National Bloody Mary Day January 2 – National Cream Puff Day January 3 – National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day January 4 – National Spaghetti Day January 5 – National Whipped Cream Day January 6 – National Shortbread Day / National Bean Day January … Email Address. Disc Golf Day. What Happened on August 7th This Day in History. Why struggle alone when you can work together to make a difference? There were 46 days left till Fall. Girlfriend’s Day. Eid al-Adha holiday – Iraq. … International Beer Day on the first Friday of August celebrates everyone’s favorite beverage – beer. August 10, 30 AD This is a good excuse for all other states and countries to celebrate too! Mysteries of the Rosary. Vikram Samvat Hindu date of: शुक्रवार 23 Sawan2077. National Mountain Climbing Day is … Clown Day. August 7: Facts & Myths About This Day. Umuganura Day – Rwanda. International Beer Day on the first Friday of August celebrates everyone’s favorite beverage – beer. Natal Day Monday,August 7, 2017 Nova Scotia, Canada. Special Days in AUGUST. You're likely familiar with many of these holidays and famous firsts However, you're sure to discover some quirky celebrations and not-so-famous firsts in this list that provides something fun for every day … Learn more about each saint. 7 August 2019 Popular Holidays & Observances Worldwide. Curl up on your couch with a cup of hot tea and take yourself on a great adventure with your favorite book. 1 draft pick Shaquille O'Neal, 1997 Garth Brooks performs a free concert in NYC's Central Park for HBO, later releasing it as Garth: Live from Central Park, 2000 Los Angeles Lakers announce retirement of former star player and Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Jerry West; name Mitch Kupchak to succeed him, 2004 Cubs pitcher Greg Maddux enters the history books with his 300th career win in the Chicago's 8-4 triumph v San Francisco at SBC Park, 2007 San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds hits his 756th career home run to break Hank Aaron's long-standing MLB record, 2007 "Eclipse" 3rd book in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight Saga" is published by Little Brown - initial print run 1 million copies, 2009 “Tik Tok” single released by Kesha (Billboard Song of the Year 2010), 2010 Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, John Randle, Russ Grimm, Rickey Jackson, Floyd Little & Dick LeBeau are inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, 2015 US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump says in a CNN interview that news anchor Mergyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever”, 2016 Miami Marlins veteran Japanese outfielder Ichiro Suzuki becomes the 30th member of the 3,000 hit club in a 10 - 7 win v Rockies, 2016 United States men's 4 × 100m freestyle relay team wins the final in 3:09.92 at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics; Michael Phelps' record 19th Olympic gold medal, 2016 American swimmer Katie Ledecky sets a new world record with a time of 3:56.46 to win the gold medal in the women's 400m freestyle at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, 2018 "Crazy Rich Asians" first Hollywood film with all-Asian cast, starring Constance Wu, Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh premieres in Los Angeles, 2018 China bans release of Winnie the Pooh movie "Christopher Robin", after character used to mock Chinese President Xi Jinping, 2020 Cardi B releases single "WAP", featuring Megan Thee Stallion, debuts at No. Keep the holiday spirit alive by celebrating a holiday or special day every day in January. 1 on Billboard Hot 100. Show. Sun Jan 17th, 2021. View all the saints who celebrate a feast day in the month of August. The present-day Assyrians inhabit parts of Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria, and also have a large diaspora across the world. We keep track of fun holidays and special moments on the cultural calendar — giving you … ... August 7. 1955 Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering, the precursor to Sony, begins selling its first transistor radios in Japan. August 7 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) Emancipation Day (Saint Kitts and Nevis) Filseta (Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church) Republic Day (Ivory Coast) Youth Day ; National Purple Heart Day (United States) References Who doesn’t love pie? August in Other Languages. Crayfish Festival ( Kräftpremiär) - Sweden. Discovery Day The aim of this event is to promote … Learn more about the economic and social importance of lighthouses. Next day. Devoted to oral health and hygiene, this unofficial holiday encourages everyone to make sure their breath smells fresh every day of the year. Spider Man Day. Popular Saints. Special Days in August. 48th day of Summer. Battle of Boyacá Day – Colombia. On the 1 st of August Lammas day is celebrated as the first day of harvest in the UK. Sandcastle Day. International Forgiveness Day - First Sunday in August. 1 August - National Mountain Climbing Day and Yorkshire Day. 1-7 August - World Breastfeeding Week. Advertisement. Here are historical events, facts, and some myths about this day. See more about Lammas Day. National Armed Forces Day ( Día de las Fuerzas Armadas de Bolivia) - Bolivia. More Historical Events. There were then 146 days left in 2020. In August, Queensland celebrates 'Seniors Week' (14 - 22 August) to honour the valuable contribution of our elders. International Beer Day. January Daily Holidays and Observances . Read more. To commemorate their fallen brothers and sisters, Assyrians observe Martyrs Day on August 7. Looking back on August 2020. The August calendar has loads of special days!

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