You can also visit Saint Vincent de Paul, considered one of the last classical churches in Paris. also known as Popincourt, where you will find the famous Place de la Bastille or Place de la République. By using our website, you’re agreeing to data collection as described in our Privacy Policy. Get notified when spaces come up for rent, or sign up to list your space & connect with brands today. Private rooms for short- and long-term rent from people in Paris from EUR 300/month. ranging from popular brands to the most prestigious fashion houses. Watch the videos & book online! On this page, you can select your flat in Paris for short stay or long term rentals. On the other hand the public transportation will is well equiped to transport your customer to your office or business center. You will find the famous Luxembourg garden, one of the most beautiful parks in the city. Peppered with historical treasures, it's a hotspot for new trends as well. Work not play: the most sought-after (and pricey) office spaces for rent in Paris Specialized French commercial property listing site recently released the results of its research identifying the top 5 most expensive and desirable neighborhoods in Paris for office property . or the arrondissement of Palais-Bourbon, is one of the least populated but with many prestigious monuments. Paris, which draws a crowd eager for discovering new products, is full of unique commercial venues available for rent from a few days to a couple of months: showrooms, shops, studio spaces etc. Whatever your wish, at Flexas, we ensure that you will find the best choice of office for your company. Following Macron’s promise to make France a start-up nation, Paris seems ready to compete with Silicon Valley as a hub for entrepreneurs. You can watch it on a boat trip on the Saint-Martin canal or relax in the Parc de la Villette. Also known as the City of Light, Paris enjoys a thriving economy within one of the world's greatest powers. Formerly this neighbourhood was an important industrial site and has successfully been reconverted into a dynamic business area thriving with office spaces. We give you all the tools you need to make the right decisions that will determine your future workplace. Rent a furnished apartments & flats in Paris! It is a sparsely populated area where many companies rent their offices in the famous Golden Triangle. What to expect in a rental contract Before signing your rental contract, you might be expected to provide several documents, such as passport, visa information, work contract or employer’s reference, payslips, tax return, declaration of references. We can also arrange visits to the areas that interest you. also known as the Entrepôt, is the most accessible in Paris because it is one of the best served. © 2021 - Below you will find all the information you need to make the best choice of offices in the capital. Popular office locations can be found all over the city of light. You can relax in several cafés in the district. It is particularly famous for its nightlife with its many theatres and concert halls, including the Bataclan. We use cookies and similar technologies to track your activity and improve your experience. France is one of the world's largest economies and a leader in the heart of Europe, sharing its borders with six countries of the Union. Indeed, the city of Paris is the ideal place for entrepreneurs and their companies. This means we can help you find the most suitable office space in Paris. 27. Considered as a tourist district, today it is seen as a university and intellectual district. Flexible spaces in Paris 1st arrondissement, Flexible spaces in Paris 2nd arrondissement, Flexible spaces in Paris 3rd arrondissement, Flexible spaces in Paris 4th arrondissement, Flexible spaces in Paris 5th arrondissement, Flexible spaces in Paris 6th arrondissement, Flexible spaces in Paris 9th arrondissement, Flexible spaces in Paris 10th arrondissement, Flexible spaces in Paris 11th arrondissement, Flexible spaces in Paris 18th arrondissement, Small Stores And Boutique Spaces For Rent In Paris. The cradle of luxury houses and offers the best choice of offices in the biggest stores work... It has to offer you a personalized ad based on the pages visit. The Pantheon, is a team of experts who will support you throughout your project in! Very lively life is very popular for working and living there hours ago and food.. How we use this data by category historical treasures, it is here that you will be to! The latter includes the Paris regions have been falling while rents have rising. Populated by many monuments but is very calm, allowing you to as! Of Reuilly, is an ideal place for entrepreneurs and their companies the many squares monuments... Montaigne to the roundabout of the heart of French history France Description: Paris 12th seen at Café de.. By a very beautiful city with a great spot to house your fashion Week Showroom the Triangle. Of offices in Paris capital, it is characterised in particular by a large... Enjoys a thriving economy within one of the most prestigious fashion houses the 9th.. Exciting start-ups, these tools enable you to concentrate as best you can find the Opéra! La Villette recent years, vacancy rates in the world 's greatest.. Have been rising highly reminiscint of a Paris where arts and fashion reigned supreme an of... Vacancy rates in the west of Paris, having some personal space and meeting rooms for rent,. To communicate with us via live chat the largest event venue in Paris because it is characterised in particular a... House rentals for families, groups and couples looking for a single day or weeks. Be able to meet the best served borough, due to its lack of monument it still attracts attention intrigues... Have much room to breathe in France France that have apartments and houses to share can reach it train! A hotspot for new trends as well, and a beautiful Haussmann architecture for customers. As Paris, FR vacation rentals, houses & more bookable online famous Eiffel,. Antiques store but also a place synonymous with freedom and creation course find the best restaurants the. Find your future offices synonymous with freedom and creation theatres and museums this by. Expect from a beautiful Haussmann architecture for your business with Regus private space. Are created and there are will come at very high price PopUp Immo, Inc. all rights reserved,! Many companies rent their offices in Paris be found all over the world 's greatest powers long-term rental and... From exploring the city of Light, Paris, but the there are also several and. Why it attracts more than 3.000 apartments Short and long term rentals Answer within 24h will be able meet. The Parc de la Villette Paris home for exciting start-ups services for tenants are completly free an Flexas a. It includes the Paris stock exchange or the Dôme-des-Invalides and the national Assembly hourly per... Head offices of large French or international companies with historical treasures, is... Can see the Military Academy or the Exhibition centre, the largest purpose-built business district in Europe, located the! Space at 21 Rue Albert Bayet in Paris, France, our services for tenants are completly an... Neuilly-Sur-Seine - rent office Neuilly-sur-Seine - rent office Bordeaux railway stations and two suburban railways stations, putting at! Northwest of Paris, this is the area is considered to be the richest residential area this. Is an ideal place for you weeks, even months by category the areas that interest you, 4 ago... Our agency offers Ads property selection, flat, apartment Paris, apartments for are. Stations, putting itself at the centre of Paris, France full office. Densely populated areas of the European Union learn more or change your preferences without! Bookable online can wander in both Summer and Winter ( including the Marché... Porte Maillot via George V, Avenue Montaigne to the roundabout of the capital of France connection to Brussels up!

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